Terms of Service

CI-SplicAI Web Project Scope

This web service is for academic, personal, and non-profit use only. For any application outside of this scope please reach out.

Any use of our backend web services outside manual use and applications that build upon our web services are prohibited and may be blocked from our end at any time.

Extending CI-SpliceAI through Compilation

If you are interested in building software on top of CI-SpliceAI, please use the python library rather than this web service. Again, do not use this web service programmatically.

Data Storage and Analysis

This service saves all inputs you enter into a database. This is needed to ensure that variants are not annotated more than once, and enables batch processing in the cloud. By submitting data to this service, your inputs will be stored on our systems permanently. We might use the source data, prediction, and meta data such as creation date and response times for our own analysis and research. All data might be subject to future publications.

You are obviously free to publish any of the results obtained through this service and retain all rights to your data.

Data and Service Availability

This service is made of two parts. The service that manages our cache including data up- and download, and a cloud service doing the actual predictions using Google Cloud services.

The former part should be available all the time, however we cannot guarantee this. We cannot guarantee that variants that have already been processed will always be accessible from our cache.

The cloud services that do the actual Machine Learning work have a strict monthly limit. As our monthly budget is limited, once we run out, no more variants can be processed and we cannot make any exceptions.

All claims about when your data is expected to be available are only rough estimates and in no way to be understood as promises or guarantees. They do not take cloud service limitations into account.

Due to the limited resources available to us, we have quotas in place to limit extensive usage. These quotas are subject to change depending on current usage.

Use of cookies

We're not using cookies or comparable technologies. I know, wild.

Acknowledgment and Accreditation

We kindly ask you to cite our CI-SpliceAI publication in your work if either the python library or this service is of use to your research.